Linen Hire - Worth every cent

I have 5 apartments and need to be able to take back to back bookings (check-out & check in same day). The key to success with multiple properties is automation. So what do you do about the laundry?

For me it is all about the linen hire so I engage a cleaning business that offers this.

Most "lone wolf" cleaners don't have the capacity to launder the sheets & towels same day so a linen hire service is the most efficient solution. Ideally the cleaners would bring the new linen with them and take away the dirties.

It means I don't have to worry about the bed-linen, bath towels & tea towels and it all happens like clockwork. Less hassle for me, but it does come at a cost. It's not cheap but on the plus side, you get hotel-quality linen and the guests really notice that. You will never have to replace worn manchester again.

Of course, the tricky bit is finding a cleaning company that offers linen hire as part of their service. The big linen-hire companies are only interested in supplying hotels so what to we little guys do?

In Melbourne, Whistle Housekeeping offer linen hire. Uber Clean House do as well, although it is a separate delivery each time (cleaners don't bring it). You could also try The Concierge, or Kayla in Sydney. Follow me to stay updated on any others I come across.

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