Remote Control Hosting

Wouldn't it be great if your house was making you money while you're away! We all fantasise about this, but it requires some very good planning to do it successfully. Here's what I do:


I was in Europe twice for 3 weeks at a time at the end of last year. On both occasions I just kept taking short stay bookings like I normally would if I was at home. On the last trip I had 5 lots of guests stay - I never met any of them! Most of them were back to back stays. To do this successfully you need:

  • Strict check in/out times with an adequate window for cleaning

  • Reliable cleaners

  • Some way of dealing with linen exchange. I had the cleaners change the linen and my daughter took it to the laundry between guests and brought it back again.

  • A key safe and very good, clear arrival instructions

  • Good clear communication with guests even while you are overseas

  • Tight house rules

  • A trusted person as a back-up if you need someone to look in or help the guests.

  • Think through every aspect of preparing your house so that the guests can have all they need and find their way around even in your absence.

That's what I did, my guests well & truly paid for my trip, and all my reviews were fantastic!

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