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They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and I couldn't agree more!

There is no shame in appropriating other peoples' good ideas and adding your own twist. In fact, history is full of examples of ideas being copied and improved upon. A truly original idea is a rare thing, and most inventions are more likely to be a refinement of an existing concept.

The best thing about staying in other people's Airbnb properties when you travel, is being able to pick up cool ideas from other hosts. I recently stayed with an awesome young couple in Prague who really are doing it right. They call their apartment "Best Place in Prague" (BPIP) and have developed some really cool branding which they applied to a nice little card with the listing address, and a pamphlet which they give to all guests.

In this pamphlet, they list the BPIP to do various things:

  • Best places for food

  • Best views

  • Best coffee

  • Best places to shop

  • Best places to see

This is essential information for any visitor: It means that they don't have to spend time researching, and as it's a pamphlet they can take it with them on their day out and take it home as a memento of their trip.

I thought this was an awesome idea, and I now intend to "appropriate" this idea for my properties in Williamstown and inner Melbourne.

Full acknowledgement to Monika & Jaroslav in Prague - you can see their listing here. If you are ever in Eastern Europe, I strongly recommend you stay here! (and thanks to Bronwyn Maddock for introducing me.)


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