DIY Hack - Great Balls of Ivy

This is one of my favourite hacks, and you can see examples of this at nearly every property I have ever styled!

It's also one of the cheapest and easiest things you can do to add a quirky touch to any outdoor area.

I picked up the original idea from a Pinterest post, but they had made one it with a live plant - what were they thinking? Naturally it needed watering and that meant it was doomed from the start at my place. I have come up with a much more hosting-friendly version, guaranteed to thrive on neglect.

Here are my instructions on how to make this Ball of Brilliance:

Time to make: About 15 minutes

Cost: Around $13 AUD for a 30cm diameter ball

Skill level: Easy!

You will need these things:

  • 2 x wire hanging baskets (available from Bunnings (AUS) for $4 each)

  • 2 x packets of imitation ivy (available from $2 shops or thrift stores for around $2.50 per 2 metre length)

  • 4 x short cable ties, preferably black

  • Scissors

  • Chilled glass of chardonnay to aid the creative process

  • Discard liners or keep for another gardening project

  • Remove chains from baskets. You will only need one

  • Join the 2 baskets together with cable ties at 4 points to create a wire globe

  • Tighten and trim the cable ties

  • Now weave the ivy in and out of the wires. You can be quite random with this - there is no right or wrong method.

  • To fasten the ends, wedge them into the join between the baskets if possible.

  • When you are done, reattach the 3 chains at the top of the globe, and voila!

  • Find a place to hang your masterpiece - a verandah, pergola or porch where your ball can swing in the breeze will do nicely. Attach hook.

  • Now stand back with glass of chardonnay raised to your lips and admire your handiwork!


So there you have it. To all those who think they have no talent and no budget I say,

If I can do it, so can you. Go forth, roll up your sleeves, and don't superglue your wine glass to your lips!

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Regards, Veronica

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