I started hosting on AirBnb when the last of my children left home in 2013, and welcoming visitors to my beautiful home in Williamstown continues to be a joy. I started participating in Host discussion groups and found that I had a lot to offer.  That's why I'm sharing it here.  See more about me on my AirBnb profile .​


Responsible hosting is something I am committed to.  Doing the right thing regarding tax, local laws and your neighbours is not only ethical, it's good for business too.  I've had a long & interesting career across a number of industries - find out more about my business journey in this interview by Womens Business Society.

Being an Airbnb host means I can finally put my Interior Design credentials to good use too!  Follow me on FaceBook, sign up to my site and read my blog posts to get tips & tricks for dressing up your AirBnb, or your own home. I'll also be posting regular info on Sharing Economy businesses that will interest everyone whether you are hosting or not.

Haven't used AirBnb before?

Interested in hosting but haven't started yet?  

Email me before you sign up.  AirBnb will reward both of us with FREE travel credits if you use the referral link I send you!

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